CNBC’s The Call Tomorrow, Live 11am-Noon EST

I’m on CNBC’s The Call tomorrow live from 11am-noon EST. Topics are likely to include Countrywide/BofA chatter, BenB’s musings today, the outlook for Q4 earnings, etc.

Buy everything advertised during the hour — I get commission. Kidding.


  1. maria boyle says:

    First of all the soap opera is on CNBC. The biggest drama on the planet, the big players raking it in while the little guys lose their shirts. Keep it up, you’re destroying your own economy. 500 Billion on defense???? Please! Don’t cry me a river, get someone in charge that’s going to take care of their people first and stop being the bully in the playground. It’s getting old!! Things aren’t as bad as you say. Look around, it’s still business as usual. Stores are still busy, traffic is still crazy, lots of spending going on, airports full, recession?? Not enough to bring down a country. Some people lose their homes, so they rent, big deal, they just end up having more cash to spend. Life goes on, stop bashing!!!!!