Best Live Blogs for Jobs MacWorld Keynote

Yes, yes, Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ MacWorld Expo keynotes are wearingly over-hyped, but they’re still good, clean fun. So if you’re in the mood, festivities kick off tomorrow at 9am, and here are links to the live blogs I’ll be "watching": Engadget, Gizmodo, MacRumorsLive, and Crunchgear. (On a related note, the last site in the preceding list is using Keith McSpurren’s excellent and potentially game-changing CoveritLive live-blogging tool.)

If you have suggestions for other live sites, by all means send them by before tomorrow at 9am PST. As always, I’m just glad I don’t have to be there!


  1. Two others:
    I typically like Macworld’s coverage, especially if you have to step away from your computer for part/all of the keynote and want to catch up. It is written more like an actual articleg, so it reads much more smoothly and sticks strictly to the highlights.
    [I forget what their coverage is like]

  2. As an aside, why did apple stop doing live video feeds of these? It seems like in 2008 this would be much more feasible/cost-effective than it was in 2000, and yet I watched it live then and have to read second-hand now.
    Even more cool was going to the Apple store and watching on the big screen there. I still remember the 2002 Keynote, when Apple unveiled the 14″ iBook, and ten minutes after the ‘note ended a truck delivered a load of them. Even the store clerks had no idea they were coming. Impressive as hell, and they sold like 20 of them in the first hour.

  3. I agree. Matter of fact, we know it’s taped live, and given how this is likely to move markets, and given how certain folks are given preferred access, you could argue Apple has a near-obligation to provide a video feed.

  4. yeah – Walt Mossberg et al get unfair advantage to trade stocks :-)
    the competition to get into the keynote is unreal – soo restrictive – I talked to a guy in the press registration line yesterday who’s been to 12 Macworlds, and even he can’t get in this time
    when I asked the lady behind the desk about a live stream, she
    said, “Well, I can’t say” – so there may be hope

  5. That’s interesting. Nutty that what is almost certain to be a letdown launch — partly because of over-hype, but partly because there is nothing on the scale of iPhone in the wings — is getting so much interest.

  6. Paul, if CoveritLive is game-changing, they’ll have to find another day to prove it. Today they were just CoveritDead :-(

  7. Yup, it blew up big-time. While I think a tool in this area is long overdue, and I like what Coveritlive was trying to do, I feel for Keith, et al. Too bad.