Apple Updates Here

If any interesting and market-moving data comes out of the Apple keynote this morning, I’ll post it here.

  • 4-million iPhones sold since launch. That’s slightly higher than expected, at least as I have it.
  • iPhone has 19.5% smartphone market share.
  • Rolling out new iPhone software today. That’ll help adoption.
  • 4-billion songs sold on iTunes as of last week.
  • Apple TV 2.0 looks like a solid improvement on the poorly-accepted Apple TV 1.0. Doesn’t require a computer, for starters.
  • Stock market down 212 points. Apparently real world doesn’t care about television, iPhone software, and Apple laptops. Gosh.
  • Quel surprise: MacBook Air, a thin laptop with multitouch screen. I’m sure Nike will loooove the name. Nevertheless, fills out Apple’s produce line in an overdue way.
    • Does sound absurdly thin though, like a saltine cracker with a keyboard: How do I keep from cracking it in half when I smush it into my backpack? I think I’ll call it the MacBook Cracker.

Overall, lots of perfectly fine stuff for Apple fans, but no big surprises either, whether in new products or unit sales data. Apple stock was off more than 5% at last check on an admittedly bad day for tech and growth, plus a crummy day for the markets.


  1. Forrest Gump says:

    Re: “Apple produce line”
    I’m gonna get me some more stock in this fruit company.

  2. re air
    – i don’t think it has multitouch screen, just multitouch touchpad
    – it could be that it isn’t really that thin if you take into account the round edges :-)