Apple, RIM and Google to Double in 2008?

My friend Doug Kass over at has some punchy predictions in his list of 20 surprises for 2008. One that caught my eye, however, had to do with tech.

Under the thesis the investor are highly nervous about 2008 profits and will pay up for growth, he thinks that while the S&P 500 will decline 5-10% this year, tech’s three horsemen — Google, RIM, and Apple — will double in 2008 (in part on rapidly escalating short interest).

Go get ’em, Doug! At the very least, he’ll make my $1,000 forecast for Google stock by the middle of next year a lock.


  1. Peter Clark says:

    Paul – while we’re making forecasts for 2008, don’t you think it is time for a follow-up post on your Yahoo/Google pair trade recommendation for 2007? :-)
    Why Yahoo will Outperform Google (December 2006)