The Henry Paulson "Strong Dollar" Drinking Game

I think we need to create a drinking game around U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Feel free to add subprime/bailout/SIV items, but here some of mine around U.S. dollar policy:

  • When Paulson says he has been “very clear” about the dollar, take a drink
  • When Paulson says “A strong dollar is in our nation’s interests (ASDIIONI)”, chug the drink


  1. Use of the word “contained” should prompt you to drink down the contents of your beverage container. (Although this term is starting to lose some of its popularity).

  2. Beatcha by a month:

    Fun thought of the day: Imagine if every time Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson said “We have a strong dollar policy” — and the dollar dropped yet further, his nose grew another inch, Pinocchio-style. I originally was going to suggest a college drinking game where you do a shot each time, but I wouldn’t want all those alcohol-related deaths on my conscience.

  3. Oh, damn! And here I thought was being sooooo clever.