Sallie Mae: Contender for Conference Call of the Year

I’m sure others will have the conference call transcript up shortly, but today’s Sallie Mae call was, in a word, awesome. Profanities, short tempers, and threats of metal detectors: It was better than an Overstock call, and that’s saying something.


  1. Agreed, and that comes from an avowed Byrne fan. This a championship material. Given the recent tank and the call, and the debate over the Lampert selection, any chance your boy Herb re opens his worst CEO contest? Great stuff, I suggest anyone who finds an unedited link post it asap. The company has already expunged certain words at the official site.

  2. Thomson has also edited their call, although the transcript is still true to the original.

  3. Here you go (forward to the last minute or so):

  4. Great YouTube documentary on Arthur Laffer–

  5. “It’s Wednesday I think …”