Quotes du Jour: Dave Grohl and Tiger Woods

Three quotes that I came across recently come from disparate sources: golfer Tiger Woods and Foo Fighter founder Dave Grohl.

Tiger Woods on returning to golf after a break:

First day I hit it like a god. Next day I’m a 5-handicapper. Third day I’m an 18. Next week or two I try to get it back to a 0 handicap. I don’t know why it’s like that. I always start out hitting it great, then I have this immediate falloff [as I] start thinking about my game, it goes all to pieces and I have to build it back up again.


Dave Grohl on drumming in Nirvana:

I felt like I couldn’t hit the drums hard enough.

"Fresh Air" 10/22/07

Dave Grohl on dummers with song ideas

There’s an old joke about drummers. "What’s the last thing the drummer said before he was kicked out of the band? Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea for a song."

"Fresh Air" 10/22/07


  1. What do you call those crazy people who always hang around musicians? …….. Drummers.

  2. Q. Did you hear about the bass player who locked his keys in the car?
    A. It took an hour to get the drummer out.