I-Banks: Asian Investment Scorecard

You can’t tell your players without a scorecard, so here is a quick list of the major U.S. investment banks and the Asian investor who has made a recent cash infusion:

Bank Investor Amount
Morgan Stanley China Investment Corp $5b
Merrill Temasek (Singapore) $5b
Citigroup Abu Dhabi $7.5b
UBS Singapore Investment Corp $9.75b
Bear Stearns Citic $1b

The interesting thing here, of course, isn’t the dollars, per se. It’s the speed with which this all came together, given the high-profile targets and the Asian capital, and how blithely usually skittish U.S. politicos gave it a pass. What happened to the ports scandal of a few years ago? Isn’t financial data more precious than ports? How long until foreign control of the U.S. (investment) banking system becomes a political crises this election year?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this needs to be a scandal, at least not, bank misbehaviors aside, the investments themselves. But it is remarkable how dull we all are if we think that this won’t eventually cross from economic to political.

Updated: Error in prior version.


  1. Temasek is Singapore; it also has a $4 billion stake in Standard Chartered. And if you’re including all Asian investors, you should also include the $1 billion that Citic invested in Bear Stearns in October.
    But good idea!
    Paul: Thanks Felix. Fixed errors. Posted in a hurry on way out the door. And your guide is waaaay better than mine.

  2. Thanks Paul for a very timely observation about Sovereign Funds activity in US.
    If there were two more columns in the score card – ‘Investor Type’ and ‘Country’ we will see some interesting patterns emerge. For example, we might see activity of hedge funds, private equity, and now sovereign funds as three distinct trend lines on a chart. It would be neat to see an equivalent of ‘FlightWait’ kind of visual chart for this one.

  3. A pretty incredible development actually. And I agree — it all happened very quickly.
    As I’ve blogged on my own blog though, I for one am OK with this trend.