Getting Under Roger McNamee’s Hair

roger I’m a fan of investor and Elevation Partners’ co-founder Roger McNamee — he’s smart, contrarian, and unabashedly marches to his own drum — so it’s no surprise that I avidly consumed the lengthy and well-written Amy Wallace piece (hey, where’s my quote, Amy?) in the current issue of Portfolio. I learned some things I didn’t know about the self-confessedly "acquired taste" that is Roger, and for all his flaws you have to walk away impressed with what he has done.

“Not everybody likes my act. There are plenty of people who think I’m a windbag, and they may be right,” he admits. “I’ve said the stupidest thing that many of the smartest people in Silicon Valley have ever heard. In a few cases, more than once. I’m not afraid to look like a fool. I assert ideas energetically. Then people shred them. That’s how I learn.”

Now, if only he’d cut his hair and fix his blog.