Dow Jones’ Olympics Index: No Amgen?

Unbelievable. Dow Jones has launched a 2008 Summer Games index. Of course, instead of being something useful, like a prediction market of who will win the most medals, it is defined as follows:

The index universe of the Dow Jones 2008 Summer Games Index is defined as all of the publicly traded companies which are stated as official partners, sponsors and suppliers of the 2008 Olympic Games by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG). Each company’s weight in the Dow Jones 2008 Summer Games Index is ranked according to its float-adjusted market capitalization. The weight of individual components in the index is capped at 10% in order to prevent the index from being dominated by a single stock. The index comprises currently 33 companies, which represent some of the world’s leading firms.

How very special. While Amgen’s not a sponsor and not in the index, I’m betting its products see the most usage during the games, if you know what I mean.