Contest: Fun with Farecast — Home for the Holidays

It’s nice to see that Farecast’s air travel price prediction service now includes Canada (sort of). Mind you, you can’t seemingly predict fares between San Diego and Vancouver, nor between Toronto and Vancouver, so I’m not really clear on what, precisely, Farecast is predicting. I’m sure someone will correct me.

More entertainingly, I’ve been trying to find city pairs with the biggest price increase for people traveling home for the holidays. My approach is that I need to find a major city from which people are going to a decent-sized place in the center of the country, the sort of place from which lots of people have moved, and now want to return home around Dec 23rd-ish. With lots of travel in a narrow window from a big city to a small one, we should see a major pre-Christmas fare spike.

Here, for example, is the Los Angeles/Kansas City pair:


And in the reverse direction, here is New York/Kansas City:


Anyone able to beat me in the Farecast “home for the holidays” travel game? I’ve got a 3.2-bagger between L.A. and Kansas City, so it won’t be easy, but you can start here.


  1. Montreal(YUL) to Miami(MIA) jumps $500 (from $390 to $894) during the first few days of the Holidays… Not surprising though, fleeing winter…

  2. Ah, but that’s a mere 2.3-bagger. My New York/Kansas City is still the leader!

  3. Calgary/Phoenix, goes from $280 to $902. 3.22! :-)
    Man, this is a great time waster…

  4. This is an almost perfect trend chart (cycles and growth) for Gift Cards on Google Trends. Thought it might interest some folks.

  5. Oh, Calgary/Phoenix is good. I had done Montreal/Miami for the holidays, but yours is much better.

  6. NYC to Honolulu: 4.55x