Charlie Rose: Kleiner Perkins Limited Partner?

Well, here’s something I didn’t realize. PBS talker Charlie Rose is a Kleiner Perkins limited partner, i.e., an investor in the famous venture fund. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised — Charlie isn’t poor — but I can’t recall in any of the myriad times KP partners have been on the show in the past that Rose disclosed he is a KP investor. So, is it recent?


  1. That is ridiculous. Charlie Rose usually has more journalistic integrity than that. To not have revealed his ties to KP earlier is irresponsible. And he’s had John Doerr host the show, and had KP CEOs featured on panels.

  2. Charlie Rose is a really smart guy, how could he have let this become public? “Keep your conflicts confidential” is by far and away the number one bullet point on the PBS Ethical guideline list.

  3. If Charlie Rose disclosed being a KP partner this time, but didn’t before when KP partners appeared, maybe he’s only recently become a partner of the firm. Rose and/or PBS should clear this up, but the guy’s innocent until proven guilty, IMHO.

  4. Not completely true…nowhere on the kpcb website does it say that Rose is a partner.
    It’s quiet possible that he has put up a lot of money but is still not at the point where he is a General Partner/Associate.
    Incidentally there seems to be a funny pattern..K. Sridhar of Bloom who till a few months ago was not a partner is now a new partner..(Doerr funded his Bloom Energy way back)
    Sridhar too had appeared on Charlie’s show a few months ago along with Doerr.

  5. Charlie Rose has disclosed his relationship in past interviews over the years. Specifically when interviewing Doer and Colin Powell in past years. Check the archives on