Catching Up: SocialPicks, Kango, etc.

Catching up on a few things in a day filled with meetings and calls:

  • Congrats to the folks at Kango for announcing their funding. Having played with it a bit, it’s nicely done

  • Congrats to Weiting and everywhere at SocialPicks for their seed funding. It’s a neat service, aand one that will be at the Money:Tech conference
  • Fun FT interview here with Tom Perkins of KPCB
  • I’m looking for decent cross-industry HHI concentration data. Anyone with ideas please send me a note
  • Adds/deletes list
    for Nasdaq-100 rebalancing

  • 2008 S&P 500 forecasts
  • Google adds more flight data


  1. Paul, thanks for the mention. Look forward to getting your feedback and advice on the product.