Catching Up: China, China, China, and, Yes, Malaysian Offroading

Catching up and emptying my browser tabs after a busy day of non-posting:

As you can see, it’s fairly thematic. Ahem.


  1. Sanjong Thapa says:

    What ever happened to all those news stories about the drought in Atlanta?
    I suppose they stopped covering it b/c it dawned on the media that there was a drought b/c there haven’t been nearly as many hurricanes to hit the Southeast since An Inconvenient Truth came out. They need the hurricanes to fill up on fresh water, right?

  2. Is there some neat way of emptying your firefox tabs into a blog post automatically?

  3. Geoff. Sort of. I use the Firefox extension CopyAllUrls to do the deed. A small amount of tweaking is still required, but it pretty much automates things.