Catching Up: Beijing, Negative Equity, Online Ads

Catching up and emptying my browser tabs:

  • Beijing lectures US on weak dollar ( / Asia-Pacific)
  • Home Equity | Negative Equity Calculator (This is Money)
  • TNS: US Advertising Spend Grew 0.2% in First Nine Months of 2007 (This is Money)
  • Top 10 Online Advertisers – November 2007 – (Marketing Charts)
  • iPhone EDGE browsing comparable to Nokia 3G Web (Blackfriars’ Marketing)
  • Retailers: More on the Influence of Gift Cards (ClearAM Ideas)
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    1. Beijing lecutres U.S. on weak dollar?! How about we lecture them on their egregious human rights violations and oppression of their people! Also, I’m still mad about the Animal Olympics that China supposedly had according to photos on Drudge Report earlier this year. These animals were forced against their will to do gymnastics.