Catching Up: Banking, Running, and Mailing

Catching up and emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • Out of the shadows: How banking’s secret system broke down (FT)
  • The year in review 2007 (TheDeal)
  • Mortgage-Relief Plan Divides Neighbors (WSJ)
  • Why markets believe banks are behind the curve (FT)
  • Ancestors as Runners (Art De Vany)
  • Facts for Features: 2007 Economic Census (Marketwatch)
  • ‘Tis the Season For Mailing (USPS)
  • Chinese allowed to invest in U.K. (and U.S.) shares through local banks (FT)
  • Generational fight of the century looms between boomers and millennials (Marketwatch)


  1. Brent Buckner says:

    Loved the first two FT links – thanks!

  2. Joe Collateral says:

    Certainly the law firms that drafted the securitization structures for the mortgage investment bankers could tell us what’s been going on behind the scenes. Well find out when their clients start turning states evidence — if the still are residing in the USA, that is. If people believe this crisis will disappear with a whimper, they are wrong. When the liquidity crisis reveals itself as a fraud, the whole system will be hammered. Be prepared for the rats and cockroached to come out of the dark when a new US administration takes a look during the second great depression. Are any of you ready for that? I didn’t think so. No one even understands what these investments mean anymore. They are just some calculus that few, if any, really grasp.
    The only silver lining is that today, a home is still worth something to somebody, even if the buyer is out on their ass. That’s a lot different than a dotcom bust, where the asset is not even worth the paper its written on. So, this crisis is feeding on people who no one really cares about at the moment, the subprime borrowers. The shit will hit the fan and federal indictments will flow once the big professional investors start to feel the pain because their bank or investment went bankrupt. we are not there yet, but close. When the banks see no reason to borrow, or have forgotten how to make rational loans, then we are in for a long hard spell. What would you buy today? Another cellphone so you can talk about business and clients that don’t exist. Its been easy money for a long time. The real estate investors are now going to eat shit like the traditional tech guys have done for the last 5 years with a few exceptions.

  3. Anthony Generale says:

    One down, 99 to go.
    Of course, we know who is really at fault. It’s those appraisers who were running around in their little Camry’s. Didn’t they pass RE 101. Maybe they can put all the appraisers in jail. Same on you WAMU, for being so stupid and greedy.