You Can Startup Any Time You Like, etc.

The following data from a recent World Bank report caught my eye. From a larger study, I compare the the rankings of the top ten countries for ease of starting companies with the ease of closing companies in the same places.

Country Starting Closing
Australia 1 14
Canada 2 4
New Zealand 3 16
United States 4 18
Ireland 5 6
United Kingdom 6 10
Puerto Rico 7 28
Mauritius 8 66
Singapore 9 2
Georgia 10 105

Apparently, in some countries (to adapt The Eagles) you can startup any time you like, but you can never leave.


  1. For a bit of fun I’ve popped the data into Many Eyes for a touch of visualization.

  2. I work as a Peace Corps volunteer in Georgia, consulting to small business here. It’s absolutely amazing how much work they’ve put into changing business start-up laws, and how little they’ve put into business termination law. There’s a reason that Georgia is listed as #105… There are literally thousands of entities that are no longer functional but still ‘exist’ nominally as the cost of termination outweighs the practicality of closing.