WSJ Links Lesbian Dating to Stock Buybacks

There is an article in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal on stock buybacks, with companies buying shares high and now, balance sheet weakened, selling low. Nasty stuff.

But wait. According to the footer to the piece, there are some buyback-related blog posts the WSJ says we should read. In particular, there is the linked article whose title I have highlighted below; it is a site that contains lesbian dating site links in some genera-text about stock investing.


Whoa, has the WSJ found some heretofor unknown causal connection between lesbian dating practices and Fortune 500 stock buybacks? Big news! And much better than hem lines and stock prices!

More likely, of course, is that the WSJ has some work to do fixing its “Blog Posts About This Topic” feature. Some spammers have figured out how to game the feature, and they’re getting some entertainingly incongruous results.

Of course, it could just be part of the News Corp. takoever too. It wouldn’t be the first post-Murdoch paper to take a more salacious approach to hard (ahem) news.