Why Did I Sell Bindura Nickel Stock So Damn Soon?

Why the hell did I sell my Bindura Nickel stock so damn soon? Having banked a double on the stock, I missed the next 257,746% gain in Bindura this year. Crap.

Alright, alright, I didn’t really own it, but it was fun to pretend. Find our own favorite missed equity gainer in the following Birinyi list of the top 50 worldwide equity gainers in percentage terms.

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  1. Isn’t it a little suspicious that the top four gainers are located in Zimbabwe, a country with a very high inflation rate? That is, are these gains in terms of the local, speedily depreciating currency?

  2. I know someone from Zimbabwe and asked him if he was in touch with stock market there. He said,
    “do not bother, inflation is OFFICIALLY 8000 percent (unofficially 24000 a few months ago)
    exchange rate to the US Dollars about a Million, doubles every few weeks!”
    If you were to invest in the Zimbabwe stocks, you will be converting your US dollars to Zimbabwe money , so the returns in US dollars will be substantially less.

  3. The interesting point here is stocks do seem to compensate the debasement of the currency. Hopefully the US stocks will also go exponential since the US dollar is also being debased (exaggerating of course).