Tour de Nouriel: The Coming Economic Busts

My friend Nouriel Roubini of RGE Monitor is tirelessly banging the drum that things are worse than investors think. For a Tour de Nouriel of the apocalypse — whether you agree with him or not — read the following recent posts:

  • The Recessionary Macro Effect of the Worst U.S. Housing Bust Ever (RGE)
  • The Next Shoe to Drop in the Credit Meltdown: Commercial Real Estate and Its Massive Forthcoming Losses (RGE)
  • The bloodbath in credit and financial markets will continue and sharply worsen (RGE)
  • Revisiting Predictions Made a Year Ago: Who is on Earth, on the Moon and Who was a “Lunatic” (RGE)

I’m much more sanguine than is Nouriel, but you have to admit he has some of the best bearish arguments.


  1. He’s got more than that one drum? Too bad he didn’t beat a different one in 2003-2006, because anyone who was listening would have lost a lot of money.

  2. Oh come on – this is just a great buying opportunity for financial stocks! Things are great with the economy. Stop being so anti-American.

  3. Ben — So nice to hear from you. I’ve missed not having you around.
    Marginally more seriously, I’m assuming whoever posted this was being ironic, right? ‘Cause I’m still getting nasty email from touting financial stocks on Kudlow the other day.