Top Travel Aggregator Sites

Interesting that the main site I use for searching multiple travel sites, the excellent Kayak, isn’t even in the top ten. I’m such a damn edge case.

[via MarketingCharts]


  1. Paul,
    We’ll get there. I’m thrilled to find out you use us.
    Best Regards,
    bill, chief architect,
    and long time infectious greed reader.

  2. Kayak is by far the best travel site, but they seem to avoid spending ad dollars on annoying pop-ups and tv commercials (unlike Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, et al). Many of my fellow MBA students are huge Kayak fans – it’s not just you Paul.
    Ann Arbor, MI

  3. Kayak is my favorite also.
    Feature Request for Bill – Improve the results in Canada!

  4. Jonas: it’s on the list. Can’t say for sure when, but soon!