This Lance Armstrong Guy is Fit

Say what you will about cyclist Lance Armstrong, but he is damn fit. Check this on his NY Marathon performance:

Lance Armstrong trained harder for his second marathon and it showed.

Armstrong improved his time by 13 minutes at the New York City Marathon on Sunday and didn’t have to battle shin splints.

“I enjoyed it much more this year,” said Armstrong, who finished 698th in two hours 46 minutes 43 seconds.

2:46 for his second marathon? Wow.


  1. Maybe his strength is renewed because he is banging Mary Kate of the Olsen twins.

  2. It may be his second marathon but he has the unbeatable advantage of the fitness from TdF. The man has a RHR of 32!
    I do think it truly gobsmacking that just 6m after delivering a baby, Paula Radcliffe made it in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 9 seconds.

  3. come on now… Lance IS amazing, no doubt – but not Mary Kate amazing… he settled for Ashley. Btw, what’s the record for age-drop in consecutive gf’s by TdF champions?

  4. PlEASE! Stick to money, dude.
    I’m more impressed with the 698 runners, minus some percentage that finished near the top, e.g. the elite athletes, than with a celebrity! Yes, Lance is now a celebrity with a cause instead of a professional athlete.

  5. Lance raced in triathlons at a professional level before focusing exclusively on bike racing. He is a supremely talented athleteand could probably do better if he wanted to really train for it.