Updated: The Pit of S&P 500 Despair

By my quick calculation, we’re now into the second-longest period in S&P 500 index history since 1950 without two up days in a row. Assuming today ends down, that will mark 15 trading days in a row without two up sessions. The longest? 19 days.

That’s gotta be worth something.

[Update] Okay, my quick Excel calculation was borked. The current bevy of trading days without two up days in a row ranks 41st in the list of longest such sequences in the 14,555 trading days since January 3rd, 1950. The longest run is 28 trading days, which ended on April 29, 1994.


  1. Is Fed’s plunge protection team not interested or have they just lost control?

  2. Not to channel Jim Rogers, but aren’t we within 10% of an all-time high (reached like 6 weeks ago)?

  3. Yup, world is ending! Things are great! World is ending!