Survey: List of Top Stock Market Bears

Quick survey: All snark aside, being a bear ain’t easy. The market has been the triumph of the optimists over the last one hundred years, so betting in the other direction — that stocks will fall — isn’t easy, even if the bears almost always have the most convincing arguments.

So, with the preceding in mind, who are some of the most successful/notorious/interesting market bears? David Rocker? Jim Chanos? Others? Go as far back as you want, and post your contributions as comments below. Add ’em.


  1. Bob Prechter has been bearish ever since the crash of 1987. He is still waiting for DOW 3,000.
    How about Jesse Livermore? Famous for being bearish ahead of 1929 crash and supposed to have made $100 million from the crash. Unfortunately, he killed himself after losing his fortune.
    Mr. Doom and Gloom, Marc Faber?

  2. Oh, let’s also not forget Mr. Bow Tie Jimmy Rogers. Although he is wildly bullish on Chinese stocks.

  3. The funniest bear and best bear investor by far is Tim Knight from Investools/ProphetCharts. Check out his blog at

  4. David Tice from the Prudent Bear Fund
    Doug Kass even if he has seemingly lightened up as of late.
    Bill Fleckenstein
    Michael Panzer
    Jim Grant

  5. Mikhail Dvosky says:

    Tim at Slope Of Hope is certainly a bear, but a very poor investor. He evens states that he is lousy trader, but a solid chartist. But this makes absolutely no sense, as the two are synonymous. If you are a good chartist, then you will be a good trader.
    He has been constantly a bear during the runup in 2006 and 2007. I think his fundamental error is him claiming only the bear side is correct. There is no bear or bull side, there is only a correct side.
    Having a bull or bear bias in regards to markets as a whole from a longer time perspective is certainly very foolish when you disregard every contradictory evidence that disproves your case.

  6. Matt Moody says:

    Peter Schiff of EuroPacific Capital. His takes on CNBC are classic, always delivered with a smile.
    Special regards to my good friend, James, presently working with the firm.
    Honorary vote for Jim Rogers. All eyes out for the new ETFs tracking his index.