Note to Michael Lewis: Get in Line for Citi, Buddy

Alright, I like writer Michael Lewis plenty, and he and I have even corresponded a little of late, but this is too much. He wants the Citi CEO job too?

Get in line, buddy. I was there first, and now that the Merrill post is gone to that technocrat (don’t you love the euphemism for “boring” that the media is tossing around?) John Thain, Citi is (currently) the only big-bank CEO post left.

Proving to be a sneaky usurper through and through, Lewis one-ups me by even having a platform:

Having never actually run an organization larger than a softball team for 8-year-old girls, I can’t prove to you before you give me a chance that I’ll do it well. But I promise you this. Once I’m in charge of your firm — be it Citigroup or even Bear Stearns — the moment anyone beneath me exhibits the capacity to act and think for himself, I’ll do whatever is necessary to help him to leave and start his own hedge fund. That’s just the kind of leader I am.

How craven. Bastard.


  1. When Michael Lewis wrote his article “Poor people are sharks” and how he was being exploited for his goodness of heart in lending to those poor subprime people, I wept for his rich fat ass.