Money:Tech: Tradable Data Story of the Day

A quick Money:Tech conference update. Two stories caught my eye today with respect to my conference on financial technology and alternative data sources.

First, today’s Jimmy Cayne story in the WSJ about how the Bear Stearns CEO was, apparently, golfing and playing bridge during some of the worst days of the Bear Stearns hedge fund meltdown this summer. How do we know that? From looking at publicly available data on golf handicaps, and the 2007 North American Bridge Championships.

On a somewhat more serious note, a recent financing is worth a mention. A company called ImageTree just closed a $4.5m financing. Its business? Automated analysis of satellite image data to come up with high-speed estimates for the changing worth of commercial forestry tracts. Its customers are forestry companies, but also include some real estate investment trusts.


  1. apparently so was ONeal at Merrill…but…so what? It’s unwind time …some of us Twitter, others golf…