Is Fox Business News Bad for Business?

Upon launch, the Murdoch-owned Fox Business News made much of being more business friendly than competitor CNBC. (It’s an entertaining thought experiment, sort of like trying to imagine someone out-Chester-ing Chester on Looney Tunes, but I digress.)

Anyway, it’s one-month since the launch of Fox Business Network, so how has Fox Business done with its up-with-business programming?

Sadly, I don’t get the channel on my cable system here in San Diego, so I can’t testify to its biz-boosting programming prowess. That said, I feel obliged to point out it’s been no help to the major U.S. stock market indices. Consider the S&P 500 this year, pre- and post-FBN:

  • Pre-FBN (Jan 4/07 – Oct 12/07): +9.3%
  • Post-FBN (Oct 12/07 – Nov 14/07): -4.5%

Hmmm, maybe a little more hostility is in order.

obDisclaimer: I’m wildly conflicted, what with intermittently appearing on FBN-competitor CNBC. Then again, my Chester/Spike analogy isn’t flattering to the latter network either, so I’m being equal-opportunity snarky.


  1. FBN has had a negative effect on the market, yeah right. FBN *HAS* had a positive effect on CNBC. Recent improvements there are definitely a response to percieved potential competition.
    And FBN has staying power in spite of its current weakness, we all win. Yea competition!