FlightWait: Live Tracking of Holiday Air Travel Delays

In conjunction with my friend at Poly9 — okay, they did all the great work; I just suggested it — here is a useful and fun (if you’re not traveling) Thanksgiving service. Called FlightWait, it is a live map, done Interstate-highway-style, of air traffic delays around the U.S.

As is usual for highway traffic maps, green is good, yellow is less good, red implies hour-plus delays, and black means avoid that airport/route right now at all costs.

Check it out. And while it’s fairly preliminary, feel free to send comments, if you have any, to the Contact Us note on the page.



  1. I wonder if it really works: everything is green, that’s so unusual 😉

  2. @Zoli Fortunately, the skies are presently clear of any delays! At least, that’s what the FAA is saying:

  3. Plugged in AUS (Austin, TX) and no flights registered. Either the airport is closed or no delays? Not even green?

  4. @Rainmaker No lines meant no delays.
    Just added a much longer list of airports, including AUS.