Fill in the Blank

Add your own caption to the following photo. I’ve seen it on the web today with “Goldman Sachs traders gather to protest bonus cuts,” but I’m sure readers here can do better.


  1. Sanjong Thapa says:

    The 2007 Environmental Elite Awards

  2. Start-up CEO considers restructuring project spending…

  3. Greenwich toll booth logjam as hedgies take on Robin Hood Foundation first come, first seated next to Jay Z policy.

  4. Car wash day at James Simons house.

  5. willybanker says:

    “Only 10 penile implants left!”

  6. Income inequality problem solved in America

  7. Can you bring it around? Mine is the red one.

  8. How about – “Its 5:30pm @ Facebook – do you know where your ferrari is”

  9. Daily car wash at Google

  10. ED support group meets on Wall Street

  11. These are great, folks. As always, you surprise and amaze.

  12. I see a lone Porsche, he must have been the janitor.

  13. Toll booth at Autobahn

  14. Lets stop and smell the Carbon Monoxide!

  15. Porsche owner kills self, others.

  16. Makes me think of the lyrics from Weeds:
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same.
    There’s a green one and a pink one
    And a blue one and a yellow one,
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same.
    And the people in the houses
    All went to the university,
    Where they were put in boxes
    And they came out all the same,
    And there’s doctors and lawyers,
    And business executives,
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same.

  17. “No. No. No.” Bill shouted at the employees from the luxury car dealership as they pulled up around his black Porsche “I wanted ONE F50 Ferrari,not FIFTY F1s!!” …

  18. Graduation day at Greenwich Public Day School. “I say, Todd, you got Franklin, Jr. a Ferrari, too?” “Yes and so did Stan’s father, and Benjamin’s and Terry’s…”

  19. OPEC!

  20. 1. Pregame warmup for the most expensive demolition derby in the world.
    2. In Italy today, a herd of wild Ferarris broke free and were seen fleeing into the Neapolitan wilderness.
    3. In response to Pamplona’s “Running with the bulls”, Italy has announced their new event – “Driving with the Ferraris”
    4. Today in Montenegro, Angelina Jolie revealed: “I really have a thing for giving hand jobs in fast cars”
    5. In response to Chinese efforts to “flood the market” with Sino sports cars, Ferrari has chosen to respond in kind.
    6. NYT: “While theoretically beneficial, the new ‘Matter Replicator’ technology has an unfortunate downside.”
    7. Mark Zuckerberg insists that the new investment from Microsoft has not changed their “starving startup” attitude.
    8. Concerned TV stars convene to discuss how they can break the stalemate in the 6-week-old writer’s strike.
    9. Being a valet at the Beverly Hills hotel seems like a glamorous job, but it does have its downsides.
    10. Hyundai reveals their new line of “designer replica” sports cars.

  21. Rafael Montoya says:

    Fox News Flash: tainted Ferraris are returned to the dealership for a new coat of non-lead based paint. Newscorrespondant tells the gist: “The Ferrari-Hot Wheels partnership is going down…”

  22. AQR’s e-Bay listing.