Does the NY Times Hate Business?

I have a number of friends among the cadre of NY Times business reporters, so I say this with love and undying affection, but does the NY Times hate business? I just scanned the list of 100 notable books of the year, more than half of which are non-fiction, and in this epochal year in capital markets not a single business book made the list.


  1. Zack Handley says:

    Where have you been Paul?
    The NYT only celebrates the fabulously eccentric artists/actors/heirs/traders that pull one over on the masses and are wealthy and successful both despite and because of aforementioned fabulous eccentricity.
    Business is Boring.

  2. Nicely, put Zack. I keep forgetting that’s the problem. Probably the same reason I stopped listening to NPR’s Marketplace, because it’s so obvious they think business is boring that they keep doing desperately cute human-interest stories with a vague and ever-ironic economic angle.