Desert Island WiFi Software?

A question I asked recently while moderating a panel:

Other than Google, name one software application or web service launched after 2000 that you couldn’t live without? What, in other words, would you take with you to a desert island with wi-fi?

Note: If you’re a vendor, no naming your own stuff.


  1. franklin stubbs says:


  2. Bloglines

  3. Easy… Flickr.

  4. bloglines & foldershare

  5. The nominees are
    In real life, gets the win. I can’t live without it, and Backpack is close behind.
    On an Island I want to be connected to the world. That means Flickr or Twitter.
    Twitter is a 2 way street
    … and the winner is

  6. It wouldn’t do me much good on a desert island, but I’d be sad without Opentable. Wikipedia is definitely a good choice.
    However, if I were really on a desert island, there’s only one thing I’d need to keep me endlessly entertained: YouTube.

  7. World of Warcraft.
    Each to his own but I don’t get the choice of Flickr. Being abandoned on a desert island the last thing I’d want to do is watch people meeting their friends and living happy lives back home. Reading blogs all day, on the other hand, would make me want to stay on the island forever. Nope, give me a fantasy world to replace the one I got cut off from.
    TorrentSpy was a close runner-up but a) it’s probably cheating to decide to spend your time doing something that’s legally dubious (even more so than YouTube), and b) it may get shut down before I’m off the island for that reason. WoW won’t last forever either, but it’ll last a while – people are still playing Ultima Online.

  8. Trick question: the wifi coverage would suck, so I’d violate the rules and bring nethack (it’d conserve battery power too) 😉
    @Deepak: If you “can’t live” without twitter, I hope I’m never stranded on a desert island with you 😉 Tho I bet your twitter feed (or whatever they call it) would be kind of funny:
    “Still waiting to be rescued…” etc.

    Google AdSense

  10. @dub dub: good point, in which case I see your Nethack and raise you ADOM :-)

  11. foldershare

  12. dub dub … lol … that would be fun wouldn’t it.

  13. The question was other than Google – wasn’t Google pre-2000, and if Google is mentioned, why not say Yahoo!? It covers and Flickr… no Digg et al, no Facebook?
    Although I want to say Wikipedia or YouTube, I’ll be bold and say OpenSocial. It isn’t fully up and running, but I think it’s got the potential to wrap up everything being mentioned…

  14. @Jason — you can’t live without something that hasn’t officially been released yet? Hang in there… :)
    Also, only people who are extremely confident can admit using yahoo for anything nowadays. But as you say, flickr is okay (as long as you don’t say “yahoo’s flickr”). A good example is people who use the horribly slow google/ig but wouldn’t consider using the classic (fast) portal.
    Yahoo is drinking this cool aid too, of course, trying to get everyone to “upgrade” to their new, “improved” (and even slower) my yahoo.
    While on the subject of yahoo (and api’s/libraries), I’d mention yahoo’s YUI library, which is saving us a ton of heartbreak (but many tons of heartbreak remain).
    I also find yahoo search a very respectable alternative to google’s search. Please don’t hate me :)

  15. Does a browser count as as one web app? :)
    Seriously, ZohoMail.