Data: Latest Adjust Rate Mortgage Reset Chart

The most recent and comprehensive adjust-rate mortgage reset chart I have found:


  1. Wow – it looks like the Andrea Gail is just starting to leave the dock now.

  2. Most subprime loans are not adjustable and most ARMs are not subprime. The chart completely excludes prime ARMS because to add them would show that subprime ARMs are relatively small. The source of such disinformation (B of A in this case) is always some lender who hopes to benefit from a bailout.

  3. Chris Parcel says:

    What are you talking about, Alan? ‘Most subprime loans are not adjustable’. What planet do you live on?

  4. Chris Parcel says:

    p.s – B of A was one of the most conservative lenders during the whole refi-boom. They are not looking for a buyout. In fact, they are going to capatalize by buying up other lenders for pennies on the dollar. you are a retard

  5. Chris Parcel says:

    ‘Most subprime loans are not adjustables’? what planet do you live on, Alan?