Contest: Big Lebowski Bowling

Lots of heavyweight stuff going on in the markets these days, so time for a little laid-back fun. The first reader to post here with the correct answer to the following question wins a new copy of the book, I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski.

Question: How many separate balls does The Dude bowl in the movie The Big Lebowski?

Be sure to include a viable email address in the posting form (not in the body of the post). They aren’t published on the site, but it gives me a way of getting a hold of you if you are the proud winner.


  1. zero

  2. Brian Ballan says:

    I’m gonna have to say 1. And, lets just be clear, I’m including that ball he holds when he flies down the lane during the “what condition my condition was in”/acid flashback sequence

  3. I’m pretty sure Dave is right. Also, I’ve seen John Goodman at “NuNu’s” bar near Hillcrest a few times over the years. I think it’s his now not-so-secret hangout.

  4. I think Dave has it right with zero. You can’t count the dream sequence because he hands the ball to Maude and she bowls it while he grips her hand.
    However, because both zero and one have already been said, and it’s the first person to post with the right answer, my official answer is 2.

  5. In keeping with the spirit of the previous posts…3

  6. Whoa, first post and we have a winner! The correct answer: Zero. The Dude poses with bowling balls, gets run over by a monster one, and spends a lot of time in alleys, but never actually bowls a ball in the whole of the movie.
    Nicely done, Dave!

  7. I’m going to guess 4 since 0 thru 3 have already been taken.

  8. Never bowls.

  9. franklin stubbs says:

    That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  10. I’ll guess 10 times. I’ve enver seen this movie but I’ll assume he is filmed bowling every frame.

  11. Paul Prescod says:

    I’m annoyed by everyone coming in and giving guesses without having seen the movie.
    If you haven’t seen it, you have no frame of reference. You’re like a child who
    wanders in in the middle of a movie
    and wants to know the plot
    You’re out of your element.
    Life does not stop and start at your convenience, you miserable, ahem, blog readers.

  12. Paul Prescod, take a chill pill. There is no disincentive towards guessing. IT’s a free book for anyone that guesses correctly. Every guess submitted has been plausible so there was some chance those people would win a book. Paul K. didn’t restrict the competition to those that saw the movie. Who do you think you are?

  13. franklin stubbs says:

    Yah, who do you think you are Prescod? And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your chonson.
    Just you think about that, Prescod.
    Yah, and maybe we stomp on it and squoosh it, Prescod.

  14. Alex and Franklin:
    Why would you want to win the prize of a book about a movie you haven’t seen?!

  15. franklin stubbs says:

    Dear Tom: I was quoting the movie. As was Paul Prescod.
    It’s enough to make a guy go nihilist…

  16. I’ll have to watch this movie sometime. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be good.