Newsflash: I’m Running for Merrill and Citi CEO Jobs

Newsflash: With word late today that Citi’s Chuck Prince is planning to resign on Sunday over big losses in the company’s mortgage portfolio, I’ve decided to run for both the Merrill and the Citi CEO gigs. With my ADD I was worried that being CEO of just one troubled financial services outfit wouldn’t be enough, so wangling for two feels soooooo much better.

Of course, my campaign platform remains the same — vote for me because I’m running; vote for me because I have no subprime baggage, etc. — remains the same. And, I’m also counting on the anti-Thain vote, having called him an “irritating pol” on national TV the other day.


As a related aside, I’m entertained by how in headline-land Chuck’s fate went from hanging in the balance to, well, unbalanced, in 40 minutes today. You have to love the staccato progress of newswires.


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  1. Kent says:

    Paul Kedrosky for President 2008!!