China Hearts Web 2.0 (from Work)

All the usual caveats apply with respect to market research, but some fun factoids from this Netpop report comparing U.S. and Chinese takeup of Web 2.0-ish technologies:

  • User-generated content (includes consumer reviews/rating sites, forum/discussion boards, Blogs, etc.) influences 58 percent of all purchase decisions in China, compared to 19 percent in the U.S.
  • 47 percent of Chinese broadband users post comments to a blog, chat room, listserv or forum, compared to just 28 percent of American broadband users
  • Search engines are the most influential source for making purchase decisions in both countries: 46 percent of Chinese broadband users use a search engine to make purchase decisions vs. 25 percent of American Broadband users

And a couple more:

  • The average broadband user in China is 32 years of age, 10 years younger than in the U.S., where users are over twice as likely to be age 45 and older
  • 75 percent of Chinese online consumers access the Internet from work, compared to only 41 percent of Americans