Catching Up: iPhone Frenzy, Chipotle, Bank Capital, etc.

Catching up and emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • China’s new love: black market iPhones (Wired)
  • iPhone crushing all comers on the WSJ gift list survey (WSJ)
  • Energy Select SPDR has year-to-date almost doubled (25% to 14%) the next best performing sectoral SPDR (SectorSPDR)
  • European bank regulators have stopped trusting tier-one capital ratios (Economist)
  • Chipotle may be doing well, guerilla marketing and all, but their burritos are heinous (WSJ)
  • Goldman trying to raise $6-billion for new all-singing, all-dancing straight-outta 2003 hedge fund (FT)
  • Next year liquidity may arrive in U.S. markets via the Middle East, which will cause immense political problems (FT)
  • Health & fitness industry is looking wobbly and wangling for government support (FT)
  • Another day, another E-Trade takeover rumor (Bloomberg)
  • European long-only quants hammered in November (Bloomberg)
  • Lunch with Craig Venter (FT)


  1. It’s good to see “heinous” making a comeback as a hip adjective.
    On a related subject, aren’t we about due for a remake of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

  2. Is there any way of finding out how much of the E-Trade trading volume comes from within the E-Trade site?
    The stock seems extra-volatile, and I have a completely unfounded theory that it’s because the retail investors are even more sensitive to news about companies they are close to.
    Any ideas?

  3. Actually they’re delicious. Not authentic in the least, but delicious.
    The last thing the world needs is another pseudo-burrito snob from California/Arizona/Texas etc. who sniffs at “heinous” burritos from a chain. From a Canadian transplant, no less.

  4. Matt — As my wife will attest, I’m no burrito snob. I will eat pretty much anything, even if it comes from a chain.
    But Chipotle’s burritos are rice-stuffed, over-plump tubes of burrito-like nastiness. Give me the local Papa Chitos carne asada burrito any day!