Catching Up: iPhone Frenzy, Chipotle, Bank Capital, etc.

Catching up and emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • China’s new love: black market iPhones (Wired)
  • iPhone crushing all comers on the WSJ gift list survey (WSJ)
  • Energy Select SPDR has year-to-date almost doubled (25% to 14%) the next best performing sectoral SPDR (SectorSPDR)
  • European bank regulators have stopped trusting tier-one capital ratios (Economist)
  • Chipotle may be doing well, guerilla marketing and all, but their burritos are heinous (WSJ)
  • Goldman trying to raise $6-billion for new all-singing, all-dancing straight-outta 2003 hedge fund (FT)
  • Next year liquidity may arrive in U.S. markets via the Middle East, which will cause immense political problems (FT)
  • Health & fitness industry is looking wobbly and wangling for government support (FT)
  • Another day, another E-Trade takeover rumor (Bloomberg)
  • European long-only quants hammered in November (Bloomberg)
  • Lunch with Craig Venter (FT)

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  1. Lee D says:

    It’s good to see “heinous” making a comeback as a hip adjective.
    On a related subject, aren’t we about due for a remake of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

  2. Pavel S says:

    Is there any way of finding out how much of the E-Trade trading volume comes from within the E-Trade site?
    The stock seems extra-volatile, and I have a completely unfounded theory that it’s because the retail investors are even more sensitive to news about companies they are close to.
    Any ideas?

  3. Matt says:

    Actually they’re delicious. Not authentic in the least, but delicious.
    The last thing the world needs is another pseudo-burrito snob from California/Arizona/Texas etc. who sniffs at “heinous” burritos from a chain. From a Canadian transplant, no less.

  4. Matt — As my wife will attest, I’m no burrito snob. I will eat pretty much anything, even if it comes from a chain.
    But Chipotle’s burritos are rice-stuffed, over-plump tubes of burrito-like nastiness. Give me the local Papa Chitos carne asada burrito any day!