Apple: Have Fake Business News, Will Comment

This story pretty much tells itself: In the space of two minutes yesterday morinng Fox Business gets Apple news wrong (sez Apple is buying chunk of AMD), runs with it, gets a correction, gets that wrong, runs with wrong correction. Magnificent stuff.

Best part? It all happened as market opened Friday morning — and Apple stock hardly moved. In other words, Fox broke big (wrong) news — and no-one cared.

Transcript here, and video here.


  1. Who even views FOX much less care about their “business” reporting?

  2. That video made me laugh out loud. It was like a Saturday Night Live skit — but for real. Fantastic.

  3. Isn’t this a reason TO watch Fox Business News? After all if they do get news their (few?) viewers will know but others won’t.
    You can’t make money on info that’s widely known.

  4. Oops. Fox Business News can’t afford to do too much of this if they are looking to gain viewers in their initial weeks. Haven’t watched it at all myself and it seems like most haven’t.

  5. All of Fox News Business’ viewers – Cletus and Billy-Bob – had the night shift the previous evening, so they were asleep when this happened. Hence no movement in the stock.

  6. When I Stephen Colbert getting a business show? We need some business news we can trust.

  7. I love Dave’s logic.. Not many people are watching Fox business news, so maybe we should watch to get the information others don’t have and get a jump on everybody else. Um.. except the information is wrong. If you want crazy rumors that people ignore, read a blog. Or FBN apparently.

  8. Benarsi Kaka says:

    Reminds me of the hundreds of times that Maria Bartoromo has flubbed numbers, currencies, and basic economic principles while batting her eye lashes.

  9. Oh, I hate FOX News so much!