Anecdotal Palm Springs Real Estate Data

Spent part of last week in Palm Springs (and why did I not know more about the magnificent aerial tram?), so was idly watching what was up in that property hotspot.

Among other things, noticed lots of detached residences for sale — signs literally everywhere — plus mad dog aggression in condo offers. Signs everywhere, ads for getting free furnishings, LCD TVs, and other spliffs.

On that last point, was besieged by Marriott condo salespeople offering four days in Palm Springs Marriott resorts for $180, assuming I was willing to suffer through a one-hour condo pitch. Not sure that’s new, but did seem like an aggressive deal, doubly so considering it included two days of free golf.


  1. spiffs not spliffs, surely?

  2. @12: 58 pm
    it’s almost 4:20 on the east coast

  3. That’s a brilliant way to move real estate. Throw a little marching powder in there and the whole market could turn around.

  4. were they really offering spliffs??? that’s so california, but anything to keep the market mellow….far more interesting than spiffs.