Activision: What I Don’t Like About You

Apparently the 80s hair band the Romantics band has filed a federal lawsuit against Activision, make of the popular “Guitar Hero” games. The issue: A version of The Romantics’ 1980s hit “What I Like About You” on the new “Guitar Here Encore: Rocks the 80s”.

But the issue is not what you think it is:

The band’s attorneys tell the Detroit Free Press for Thursday’s edition that Activision properly secured permission to use “What I Like About You,” allowing it to record a cover version.

But they say by creating an imitation so much like the Romantics’ original, the California-based company infringed on the group’s rights to its own likeness.

Or maybe it’s plain better? After all, the original song is so nursery-rhyme simple that any four-piece band with a decent vocalist can’t help producing a less whiny cover.

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  1. Matt says:

    HAHA – Good call.