A Proposal for the Thanksgiving Non-Holiday Holiday

It’s holiday anarchy the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Some people are on holidays, some people aren’t, and most of us have no idea how to know which things & people will be open vs. closed. You’re open? You’re not? Whaa?

Steve Liesman at CNBC argues that making the day after U.S. Thanksgiving a holiday is waaaay overdue. I’m not fond of his proposed name for the new holiday — Productivity Day? — but I buy Steve’s argument.


  1. Um, what about Buy Nothing Day, which happens to be today?
    What I found interesting while perusing the Facebook group for Buy Nothing Day that I joined, is the sheer unweildy coalition of interests in the people who support it.
    On the one hand, you’ve got the screaming reactionary pinkos, the penniless hippies, and the private schooled radical kids.
    On the other hand, I consider myself pretty right-wing, and am all in favor of profit, but believe in fiscal common sense. My support for Buy Nothing Day stems from the personal tragedy that dogs people who chase a consumerist rainbow by financing their materialism with credit cards. So many people are completely screwed, because their reach exceeds their grasp, and they’ve dug themselves into a hole they can’t get out of, and for what? Some useless shit? Too big a house, too nice a car?
    I like nice things as much as anybody, I just don’t believe in going into debt to buy them.

  2. @Lee — congratulations, but doesn’t this reply belong on a hous*ng bubble bl*g? Lighten up, bunky! 😉

    It’s also extremely ironic you joined a facebook group for Buy Nothing Day.

  3. The Department of Energy (at least at Los Alamos National Laboratory) calls it Energy Conservation Day. This is a flexible holiday left to the discretion for the head of each of the National Laboratories, apparently. Makes as much sense as anything else.