Yale Beats Stanford (Endowment)

Yale beat Stanford again this year on endowment performance. While the former turned in 28% in the past year, Stanford just announced 23% y-o-y performance on the back of international, private equity and … real estate. Let the rivalry continue:

Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif., earned 23% on its $18.9 billion
merged investment pool for its latest fiscal year ended June 30,
confirmed John Powers, CEO of Stanford Management Co., which oversees
the university’s endowment and trust assets. The merged pool includes
the university’s endowment, which had $17.2 billion in assets as of
Aug. 31 as well as capital reserves from Stanford Hospital and Clinics
and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.


  1. And unfortunately for the Cardinal, if the two were to square off on the gridiron, the game would be a lot closer than it should…

  2. Jonny Red says:

    Does the calender year end in September for these endowment funds?

  3. Calendar year end is June 30th. You may like this post which examines how to replicate the returns of the top endowments with ETFs: