We are Major Media: Blogs Will Be Assimilated; Measurement is Futile

My friend Barry has a good rant today about the over-aggressive terms in some of the ad deals being pitched at fellow top-traffic financial blogs by major media firms. In particular, Barry is unhappy that these firms are asking for traffic to be signed over to their domains, which he argues may speedily make Nielsen/NetRatings and ComScore traffic data meaningless. After all, traffic is going to be a tradable commodity.

I don’t disagree entirely, and in particular I think the terms being proffered by major media are goofy, which is why I have summarily turned them all down here. That said, however, Barry, optimist that he is, overestimates the amount of traffic generated by blogs. Get outside the top 1,000 or so blogs, and you’re quickly down to sites getting FFP (friends, family, and pets) visits a day at most. Aggregate 10,000 of these sites up and you don’t get as traffic as a major media site generates before lunch.

Does that mean I disagree with Barry? Not at all. We both think the terms being offered by major media are nonsensical for major blogs. But whether someone with waaaay less traffic than Barry or I (or Marc, or Howard, or Michelle, or whomever) feels the same way, well that is a different question.

And as to whether this is fuel for ComScore shorts …  I hope so. I want to buy the stock at lower levels :-)


  1. If you believe what the honchos at the media state, they only want the Fat Heads, and not the Long Tails of blogs.
    Like you, I have turned down all of the silly offers made. I have yet to see one that is serious . . .

  2. Even the Borg–as you loosely reference in your title–proved fallable!
    David J Phillips, Publisher

  3. David Kane says:

    What is your traffic? What is the traffic like at other finance blogs?