Video from My Wired Science Appearance

Lots of entertaining email after my interview last night during the new Wired Science series on PBS. The topic was finding and funding commercializable nuggets in early-stage science, which, judging by the email response, is a subject that gets people fired up.

Thanks to Chris, once again, for the invite. It was fun. And for those of you who missed my segment in the show last night on PBS, you can watch it at this link.


  1. Dr. Kedrosky,
    My company has developed a series of products based on renewable resources. My newest products will change the way combustion occurs in engine technology. Hybrids are backwards thinking, because batteries are not disposable and are hazardous to the environment.
    The answer is in the simplest technology.
    What did we do before Titusville?
    Dave Sukys
    Technical Director
    EarthRight Ecolubes