VC Anecdote du Jour

Recently I was golfing as part of a foursome of VCs. Early in the back nine one of the foursome, who was until then playing indifferently by his standards, had to get onto a board conference call, so for the next hole or so he wandered along the side of the fairway, not playing every shot.

Until, that is, we got to an interesting looking par three over a gully. Neat as you please, my VC friend put the phone on mute, dropped the cell on the tee, and smoothed a 7-iron within three feet of the pin. Whoa. He then picked up the phone and continued right where he left off, none of his colleagues in hermetically-sealed rooms the wiser.

Turns out that while VC board meetings are mind-numbing, they are good for your golf game. Who knew?


  1. Or may be that was the *only* hole where he was confident of his shot, knew you all would be impressed and did what VCs do – look cool, while looking busy and not doing much? 😉

  2. Oooo, Shefaly — nice one :-)

  3. Just goes to show you that VCs spend more time on the golf course than they do in the board room or in an office. :-) …as golf takes more practice than sitting in a board room (i.e. golf is time intensive — some might argue sitting in a board room is more time intensive than working on your golf game).
    Or it could just be that that shot was his 10% shot (i.e. a VC wants to pick a home run company 1 out of every 10 companies in which they invest in).
    How did you play and how was your shot on that hole (the par 3 hole)?

  4. John – Mine was well struck, but the pin was back-left with nasty brush beside, behind, and in front. So I miscued slightly and pushed the shot to pin-high on the far right side of the green. A nasty 30-foot put.

  5. Re: nasty 30-footer — hopefully you two-putted then.

  6. I did, but it didn’t matter: It was a scramble. Ugh.