Top 50 Web Sites by Traffic in September

I’m a junkie for this sort of site traffic data:

[comScore via MarketingCharts]


  1. Paul, I’d be interested in your commentary on this ranking, and I think other readers would, too…
    what’s most surprising to you? and what about companies with multiple domains that comScore does not report in aggregate that would be on this list if they were reported that way? who would some of those be?

  2. If you rank the same list by “visits” you get a completely different list.

  3. I wonder if both Google sites and Microsoft sites will surpass Yahoo sites in 6 months. Atleast that what I would like. It will be interesting to keep track of this stat.

  4. Thanks for pointing to this list.
    But how many visits to Microsoft sites (and Apple and Adobe too for that matter) are merely seeking support for something that’s not working properly? I know most of my visits to MS sites are accompanied by muttering under my breath and a wish that the visit was unneeded.
    These kinds of visits shouldn’t count toward any positive popularity, though it would be impossible to separate them out.
    Where would rank if it were included?

  5. Great list, Paul. I agree with Graeme, and it would be interesting to hear your response to his questions.
    I notice MySpace is missing from the list and assume that it’s lumped into Fox Interactive. I’m curious where it would sit if looked at on its own. Anyone?