The Trouble with Expenses

If you’re anything like me — and my apologies if you are — then you struggle daily under the weight of expenses. Too many of them to track, too many places to which to submit them, and no easy way to track ’em as you incur ’em.

I usually return from trips with clothes pockets ballooning with expense receipts, plus a bunch more in random luggage locations where I don’t remember putting them in the first place. And then, of course, the real adventure begins: Trying to figure out if I actually kept all the receipts in my hustling from airport, to cab, to hotel, to meeting, to cab, to airport again.

Until now, that is. My friend Tony Darugar has launched the nifty Xpenser, a tool/service that allows you track your expenses as they happen via the magic of SMS, email, IM, or voice (via Jott). Whatever way you want to note that you just paid $86.41 for dinner for one in Manhattan, or that you paid $120 to cab from Heathrow downtown, you can now do track it as it happens.

Downsides? Yes, you’ll still have all those darn receipts to keep track of, but at least now you’ll know much sooner which ones you’re missing.

Check it out.


  1. I feel your pain. I have a application on my Palm Treo that I use to manage my expenses: I’ve been pretty happy with it and you can track expenses in Euros, Canadian Dollars, USD and British Pounds……was particularly useful on one of my longer trips.
    Between that and a spreadsheet I maintain for cash expenses (I can usually just turn in my Amex statements anyway) – things turn out okay.
    Another option is the low tech version: back in ’98 my then girlfriend just gave me a huge stack of Manilla Envelopes and told me to put my receipts in it after every day.

  2. this sounds fantastic. thanks and the tip, paul. i look forward to trying it out.

  3. Josh Stern says:

    More and smaller stuff takes credit cards now. Wouldn’t having a separate credit card that you only use for reimbursed expenses be a big help? You get an audit trail and a phone number for most everything and you may even get reimbursed by the time you pay the bill.