Scrabble Gives Thumbs-Up to ORCL/BEA

I’ve mentioned here before my low-grade mania for mentally re-ordering random collections of letters, a la Scrabble, into words. I had it happen again this morning with the ORCL/BEA deal, with that part of my brain noticing it was seven letters, and therefore a possible Scrabble set.

So, what are the words made by combining ORCL and BEA? According to there are 130 of them, with the two of the longest being the six-letter CORBEL (to provide a wall with a bracket) and CABLER (one that supplies a cable). Two cable-ish words …. spooky.

Mind you, there is a third six-letter word you can make from ORCLBEA: That is Oracle, of course. Ooooooh, Scrabble apparently approves.

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  1. Shefaly says:

    Good one!
    Anything would be better than paying a branding firm a lot of money and then finding yourself stuck with a name like AGILENT… 8-)

  2. John K says:

    Be an obvious word? It means – “bored with yet another Oracle acquisition in the morbid enterprise software space”
    Not sure if it’s made the Official Scrabble dictionary yet, though.

  3. CrossProfit says:

    John K,
    Like the BORACLE, though the opposite is more realistic. If there is any resemblance to the People Soft saga, this will be a wild ride. Now if SAP were to make a bid…wow, sparks would fly!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Does it have to be one word? How about “Lace Orb” or “Cab Lore”
    And on and on:
    Car lobe
    Ear bloc
    Or that popular Spanish dish, Crab Ole