Scrabble Gives Thumbs-Up to ORCL/BEA

I’ve mentioned here before my low-grade mania for mentally re-ordering random collections of letters, a la Scrabble, into words. I had it happen again this morning with the ORCL/BEA deal, with that part of my brain noticing it was seven letters, and therefore a possible Scrabble set.

So, what are the words made by combining ORCL and BEA? According to there are 130 of them, with the two of the longest being the six-letter CORBEL (to provide a wall with a bracket) and CABLER (one that supplies a cable). Two cable-ish words …. spooky.

Mind you, there is a third six-letter word you can make from ORCLBEA: That is Oracle, of course. Ooooooh, Scrabble apparently approves.


  1. Good one!
    Anything would be better than paying a branding firm a lot of money and then finding yourself stuck with a name like AGILENT… 😎

  2. Wouldn’t
    Be an obvious word? It means – “bored with yet another Oracle acquisition in the morbid enterprise software space”
    Not sure if it’s made the Official Scrabble dictionary yet, though.

  3. John K,
    Like the BORACLE, though the opposite is more realistic. If there is any resemblance to the People Soft saga, this will be a wild ride. Now if SAP were to make a bid…wow, sparks would fly!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Does it have to be one word? How about “Lace Orb” or “Cab Lore”
    And on and on:
    Car lobe
    Ear bloc
    Or that popular Spanish dish, Crab Ole