San Jose Quake: 5.6 Magnitude

Decent-sized earthquake in Bay Area late yesterday: 5.6 magnitude. More here and here.

As an aside, a friend in Milpitas reports that all ATT cell calls began failing, making the iPhone crummy in emergencies, while SprintPCS was fine.


  1. As an aside on your aside, the reason AR&T calls failed is because everyone uses them. The former Cingular has the widest, non-drop call range in the Bay Area, plus roll over minutes. Since Sprint has far fewer users of course their calls didn’t jam the circuits. That doesn’t mean AT&T doesn’t need to fix the problem but why it’s there casts a different light on it.
    And, fyi, I have a Blackberry.

  2. If I had just locked in millions of new subs over the span of a few months with 2 year contracts on every one of them, I’d probably be in no hurry to upgrade my overloaded network either.
    And don’t get me started on California disasters again…

  3. what I found interesting was my ATT phone could not connect to a local landline in ~20 attempts but connected to another ATT cell line the 1st try. Same thing happened to both of my dinner companions.