Updated: Realtime Wildfire Reports via the InterWeb

If this is October, this must be Santa Ana season here in Southern California. The wind is blowing strongly out of the east, the air is desiccatingly dry, and smoke is reaching us here on the coast from inland wildfires burning their way west. Conditions are currently worse north of here in Los Angeles, with Pepperdine University in Malibu apparently threatened, and some houses burned and many others evacuated.

If you’re interested in following events you could read the L.A. Times site, or the San Diego Union-Tribune, or just read the fire-obsessed Matt Drudge’s site, but a better realtime feed can be obtained via the California Highway Patrol. Live incident reports with bulletin updates on almost a minute-by-minute basis can be found here for the Malibu fire, and here for the Witch Creek fire just east of San Diego.

[Update] More live stuff:

  • You can listen to live web radio coverage here, with some fairly harrowing call-ins.
  • A live webcam view of the fires viewed — right now, at nighttime — over east San Diego County city lights.
  • A Google Maps mashup of personal weather stations (via Weather Underground) showing wind speeds, wind directions, and relative humidity all over the county.
  • The live CHP list of latest incidents in San Diego County — keep a particular eye on new “structure or grass fire” entries, which shows how new fires are appearing.


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  2. Coronodo hills fire under control 5:30 pm