Money:Tech: Global FinTech Spending to See Surge

From Pensions & Investments, more validation for my Money:Tech conference thesis:

Institutional investors will spend a projected $1.1 billion on research technology globally by 2010, up from $586 million in 2007, according to a report written by Dushyant Shahrawat, research director in TowerGroup’s investment management practice, who predicted a 22% compound annual growth rate in spending in that area. The U.S. will account for the lion’s share of the increase, with spending jumping to $692 million in 2010 from $372 million in 2007.

“Buy-side research has become a complicated process that aggregates internal analysis, broker research, independent research, outsourced analysis and the use of other research tools,” the report said. Brokerage firms are expected to further automate their research services to lower cost and improve distribution of both proprietary and third-party research.


  1. Sell-side Research automation, distribution and better business models to monetize Research (besides web 1.0 / email attachments and soft-dollars commission sharing model) are another areas of even bigger market opportunity for technology innovation.
    This week in San Francisco, our start-up which focuses on helping Sell-Side Research be more effective at serving Buy-side clients was adjudged one of the Top 16 companies at the Web 2.0 Summit Launch Pad event.